About Us

Historical Background

The  organization was founded by  Mr Kanamugire Fidele with nick name “Serieux”,  who have worked  as missionary for 10 years as sport ministry  leader  for an  International organization called “Youth With a Mission” and his passion was to use sports especially football as popular game in Africa to transform  the lives of street children and forgotten youth in the community who are living without hope for the future.

Through this platform of using Football, many youngsters have developed the talents to play Football, others have developed leadership capacity to become Youth Coaches, also many of the street Kids were able to get out of the street and got opportunity to go back to school and others went to attend Vocational Training Schools.

In 2011, after getting his qualification in UK as Youth Football Coach, he put together all the young and adult coaches he mentored for many years and started a non profit organization called "Play For Hope Rwanda", with the main goal of using Sport to raise up many golden talent by implementing professional programs from grassroots level up to elite level, especially focusing on the underprivileged community in Rwanda.

The Second aim   was to  teach the  Rwandan  young athletes   to have faith in God for their future success not  to believe in “which doctors” during their performance in the  field and out of the field in normal life, also empowering  them through life skills teaching to  help them  develop as good leaders and provide opportunity for education for those who are in need.

Today the organization continue to  grow in it’s mission and we are serving more than 500 youngsters  in all our activities around  Kigali and we have  15 volunteer youth coaches and staffs .

Our inspiration word“ Today our sport is not good but we can change tomorrow  by preparing well our youngsters today” 

Our Activities

Activity 1: Sport Community Centers

We are running Football, Basketball programs for U12, U15, U18 in the poor communities with the purpose of giving underprivileged children and youth opportunity to enjoy sports, identifier their talents, empower them through our holistic programs.

Activity 2: Heroes Soccer Academy (Factory of golden Talents)

We are running a boarding soccer academy of 25 boys who are U15 years old and we provide for them the professional football training, quality education ,life skills to develop their character ,spiritual development program to help them becoming in the future the football professional players who will make difference in the world.

Activity 3: Heroes Football Club

We are running a football club which played in the second division in the country and our purpose is to use our youngsters who graduate into our academy after 3 years when they are U20 years old provide an opportunity for them to compete in different competition to promote their talent and help them start professional career in the early age before 23 years old.

Activity 4: Future Stars Tournaments

We are running a soccer tournament in the big holidays every year for giving opportunities the youngsters of different ages U12,U15,U17,U20 to compete in football and basketball to increase their abilities of playing also to teach them different topics which can help them to grow as role model in the society, also this tournament always give more than 600 youngsters the opportunity to participate. P.S. in the future we are dreaming to make it International youth tournaments which will give opportunity for others youngsters from the nearby countries to participate.

Activity 5: Ishyaka African Girls Arts (IAGA)

We equip young athlete girls from underprivileged community who have drop out the school because of family low income, and teach them to use their hands to produce handcraft items to generate income which can help them to be sustainable for life.

Our Values

Value 1: Visionary

Everyone within the organization must have the vision of his life and where his passionate to bring a positive change in the community

Value 2: Faith

We are not a religion, but we teach our generation to believe God that He created every human being for His purposes , to trust Him in every step of life, to obey His commandments, to use their talents to make the world a better place to live.

Value 3: Passion

We are passionate to serve those who are in needs, and to bring a positive change in the world.

Value 4: Commitment

We are committed to learn, to never give up and to make sacrifice to achieve our Dream.

Value 5: Unity

We are obligated to love one another, respect one another, to serve one another, everyone's contribution is our success as team.